Donate anywhere you can

According to newspaper reports over the Christmas season, Canadians have been slow to donate to charities.

Having read of the overheads and administration costs of many charities in this past year, my resolution to not support them was reinforced in spades.

If I knew that my dollar actually reached an unfortunate victim of famine, flood, hurricane, fire or warfare, I would happily send it.

With hundreds of open palms intercepting that dollar between me and a worthy recipient, little or nothing reaches the target. One dollar or $1,000 – precious little ever gets to its destination.

News videos of conditions for which it was intended remain scenes of devastation for months, even years after the events.

I will continue to donate to local food banks and if anyone is needy enough to steal from the donation boxes in the grocery stores at least my donation will have made a difference to someone.

Sheila Gair

Surrey North Delta Leader