Explore motives

Re: The Arizona shooting.

I strongly believe that society must look beyond violent persons’ atrocious acts and more at their motivation for committing the act, however abhorrent, and therefore possibly learn how to prevent future offences of the kind.

But it seems that all we get from the news media, almost certainly unintentional, are reasons why we should feel disdain for the persons who commit the terrible act(s).

Could some offenders actually despise what they do but feel compelled – and perhaps even feel left without a choice – because of severe mental illness? Or are they really just plain evil and simply want to commit heinous acts against their target(s)?

What, on a secular and/or religious level, “provoke(s)” the offender(s)?

Nonetheless, contemporary society’s general mentality is to react according to the criminal act itself and largely disregard any possible motives for that act – knowledge that could perhaps prevent future monstrous conduct.


Frank G. Sterle, Jr., White Rock

Surrey North Delta Leader