Former SET ‘gang’ is back together

Who’s on First?I see the old SET gang has re-united. Now we know who’s on First.Marvin Hunt supports secret deals for George Bush, overcrowded schools, and $200 million in intentional debt – an all-out free-for-all for those with money to pull the strings.But enough about SET/First.This is why I belong to the Surrey Civic Coalition. SCC believes Surrey deserves a balanced democracy where everyone is included and all neighbourhoods are heard. We believe that Surrey’s precious green spaces, parks, and agricultural land should be protected for the future, not chopped up and developed by the highest (or lowest) bidder.We believe that our city council and Board of Education should work together to build new schools as quickly as possible to erase the embarrassing number of portables which keep families and business from relocating to Surrey.We believe local government should provide community amenities like safe streets, parkland and that Surrey should plan now for a major new activity centre for concerts, hockey, trade shows and community events in the City Centre area, near transit, before all that precious land is gone.We believe that development should be sustainable and focused on smart growth within existing town centres that support better public transit. And we believe more can be done to generate high-quality jobs within Surrey and to support small businesses here. Surrey can become an international centre for green industry and sustainable growth.All Surrey needs is the will of the voters.Strong debate depends on people with different points of view. We need choices for the Board of Education and Surrey council. Our city deserves the best; I believe we need long term planning that ensures the livability of Surrey now and in the future.The SET/First way: “Develop now, plan later” simply isn’t good enough.Shiny posters, catchy slogans, and former US. presidents do not mean good government. S.urrey deserves open honest and inclusive debate.

Gary T. RobinsonFormer City of Surrey Councillor

Surrey North Delta Leader