Full circle

So the new premier is raising the minimum wage to $10.25 and hour. We have just seen the paradox of the B.C. Liberal philosophy in action.

What’s brought this in is, logically, is an increased cost of living in BC.  How did this happen?  The only thing I can think of that’s increased cost of living across the board is the HST. Well then, what’s the benefit of having the HST? It saves businesses money – money they now have to spend paying entry-level employees more.

So we brought in a tax on consumers to save businesses money, and now our government is making companies give aforementioned savings to consumers.

The “circle of life” designed by our Mickey Mouse government is complete.

The end result? British Columbians break even. Why not cut out the middle man and scrap the HST? It would have the same result, except for one thing: inflation.

So we all know which province is to blame when the Canadian dollar becomes the new peso.

Jordan Braun, deputy leader

B.C. Refederation party

Surrey North Delta Leader