Get smart, or no power

B.C.'s energy minister is being generous in allowing 4% of the population to opt out of smart meters.

Re: “Smart meter coercion,” Letters, The Leader, July 30.

We have a minority group that rides into town with a one-horse black buggy and a safety triangle on the rear, while the more modern ones settle for painting their chrome bumpers black.

Why not go even further back and come riding into town on an ass?

There will always be Luddites in our society.

I believe B.C. energy minister Bill Bennett is being extremely generous in allowing 60,000 households, or four per cent of B.C.’s population, to opt out of smart meters by hiring extra staff to read the obsolete analogue meters manually, with an extra cost for Hydro users.

Fortunately for letter writer C.A. Archibald, I am not the energy minister. The choices would be smart meter or no meter – and no Hydro power.


Fred Perry, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader