Halloween safety on the RCMP radar

Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep in mind.

As we near one of the most anticipated days of the year for children – Halloween – please be sure to include safety in your plans and take the necessary precautions when out enjoying the festivities, whether you are trick-or-treating with young children, celebrating, or just out driving.

During the Halloween season, our front-line officers will be supported by several extra resources from different sections of the Surrey detachment in an effort to ensure the safety of all who will take part in “spooky” activities.

In addition, officers will be adopting a zero-tolerance enforcement approach to control any unsafe situations that might occur.

Our officers’ main objective is to ensure the safety of children during trick-or-treat hours, and to maintain high police visibility leading up to Halloween and on Halloween night.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep in mind:

• Wear costumes that are easily seen and appropriate for weather conditions;

• Drive cautiously and slowly;

• Stick to pedestrian crossings when on foot;

• Make sure that all candy and treats are inspected before being eaten;

• Do not enter a stranger’s house or vehicle;

• Only visit houses that are well lit;

• Be aware of the route your child plans on following and make sure they stick to it.

Please take the time to have a conversation about Halloween safety with your children. Although the majority of Surrey residents celebrate Halloween in a safe manner, we usually see a rise in calls for services and we plan our resources accordingly.

Also, please note the City of Surrey restricts the use of any type of fireworks all year, including Halloween, to only those who possess a valid Federal Fireworks Supervisor’s Certificate and a valid permit from the Surrey Fire Department.

Individuals under the age of 18 who are caught in possession of fireworks may be susceptible to a $250 fine.

Exploding fireworks without a permit can lead to a $500 fine, whatever your age.

Do your part to help make this Halloween safe by reporting suspicious activity to the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


Cpl. Bert Paquet, Surrey RCMP

Surrey North Delta Leader