Harsher penalties for distracted drivers

ICBC needs to get it right – why do the penalties for distracted driving not reflect the dangers?

Re: ICBC’s request for an increase to basic insurance due to increased payouts because of distracted driving.

I have been driving for over 45 years and have never been involved in an accident. ICBC claims distracted driving is the second-leading cause of fatalities on B.C. roads, second to speeding, and drinking and driving is the third. I would like to know why ICBC thinks I should have an increase to my insurance for others’ stupidity?

If distracted drivers are responsible for more accidents than drinking and driving, why do the penalties for distracted driving not reflect that? Should these penalties not be in line with or more severe than those for drinking and driving?

If ICBC can’t get it right, maybe it’s time for the government to bring in private insurance. After all, do we not live in a conservative society? Because this seems more like communism to me.


Angela Allison

Surrey North Delta Leader