How about a performance bonus system for politicians?

By promising to push for a merit-pay system for teachers, Kevin Falcon demonstrated that he believes in self-promotion, union-baiting and political polarization. When the Liberal party members vote for their new leader, I hope they will reject him for his divisive and confrontational politics.

If Falcon was sincerely interested in improving education, he would not antagonize educators but involve them in a non-politicized process to find new ways to improve our schools.

A union’s first responsibility is to its membership; however, the B.C. Teachers Federation (BCTF) claims they put children’s interests first. If this is true, then the BCTF should be given the opportunity to develop pragmatic proposals within a realistic fiscal framework. If they are incapable of innovation, imagination and compromise, then the process could proceed without them.

What will Falcon announce next to get his name in the news? A merit-pay system for politicians?  

Lloyd Atkins


Surrey North Delta Leader