ICBC actually in charge

I must applaud both reporter Jeff Nagel and Ken Pugh, whom he interviewed.

Mr. Pugh voiced a concern and a remedy that I had long thought valid when he was interviewed for the article, “ICBC may help curb home thefts.”

Then unintended humour came into the article when ICBC spokesperson Kathy Taylor indicated that it would take provincial legislation to change the rule regarding having to carry your original insurance documents with you at all times.

I don’t think that there are many in B.C. who don’t realize that it is not the provincial government but ICBC, hand in hand with TransLink, that actually runs the province. Whatever ICBC wants is generally rubber stamped into effect by the province.

So ICBC, let’s get wallet-sized, proof-of-insurance cards issued for all your long-suffering, captive customers, so that they are not made to further suffer the trauma of having their homes broken into as well.

Jon Christensen


Surrey North Delta Leader