(File photo: Lauren Collins)

(File photo: Lauren Collins)


LETTER: City of Surrey must pay more attention to its parks and waterways

Reader says she was very surprised to learn that council was concerned about the environment

The Editor,

Re: “Surrey moves to ban plastic shopping bags, foam cups,” the Now-Leader, Dec. 31.

I was very surprised to read that Surrey council was concerned about the environment.

Remember when we were the “City of Parks?” My husband and I walk around Robson Park, and each time I am dismayed by the amount of garbage, plastic bags, cups and bottles that litter the stream and embankment. This is supposed to be a natural environment for Mallard and wood ducks, blue heron, turtles and a variety of other wild fowl.

If council really cares about the environment, they need to take care of the parks and the waterways.

Scheduled cleanups and maintenance needs to be done at least weekly to remove bottles and plastic bag from the stream. Instead of passing more bylaws, the city needs to have staff clean up the natural areas so that the bird and animal habitats remain as pristine as they can.

Stephanie Argent, Surrey

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