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LETTER: Connecting 84th Avenue through Surrey park is a terrible idea

Reader says one of the city’s crown jewel is under fire again

The Editor,

Re: “Surrey council resurrects, fast-tracks 84th Avenue connection at Bear Creek Park,” the Now-Leader online.

One of our city’s crown jewels is under fire – again.

When city council, in all their “5-4 wisdom,” decides that it not only wants to go ahead with putting a road through the south end of Bear Creek Park but it wants to do it quickly, it tells me it learned nothing from the experiences of the last city council.

Ignoring the voice of the community and the idea of putting a road through a small local park still infuriates many who pay the salaries of city council members.

Do they think that putting a road through Bear Creek Park will have a different outcome?

I understand there is a major problem at King George Boulevard and 88th Avenue – perhaps that’s where council’s attention should lie. Fix the problem where it’s at without looking outside of that area. Find more creative ways to deal with the problem at the intersection.

I appreciate Councillor Allison Patton’s concern for greenhouse gas emissions at the intersection of King George and 88th but does she really think those noxious fumes sit there stagnant over the intersection? Let’s just spread that poison further south down King George right?

Patton cited the 84th Avenue corridor would align with council’s ‘Vision Zero’ plan – how about reducing the speed limit along 88th?

There must be more creative ways to deal with the problem at one end of the park that doesn’t involve resurrecting a plan that has generated so much community opposition.

Suzanne Barton, Surrey

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