LETTER: Dog park in Newton is one fantastic idea

The Editor,

Re: "Off-leash dog park might help in Newton," the Now letters, Jan. 9.

While I don’t live in the Newton area, I do shop and use the local businesses on a regular basis. I’ve always considered the area between the pool and ice rink a less-than desirable area in need of improvement, not only in terms of safety but in appearance.

However, I do like reader Pauline Grant’s idea of an off-leash dog park near the stand of tall firs.

Personally, I feel the trees are the only aesthetic feature of this area and rather than destroying this small urban green space, it would make sense to attract more foot traffic and create a community space, rather than making us fearful for our safety and avoiding the Newton area entirely.

I hope that Surrey’s mayor, council and the Newton Community Assocation will consider this recommendation.

Robyn Moore, Delta