Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Now-Leader file photo)

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Now-Leader file photo)


LETTER: Doug McCallum disrespects both the environment and Surrey residents

Surrey mayor acts like dictator when people oppose his money-wasting, tree-killing projects

The Editor,

It is high time we got rid of Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, who behaves like an arrogant dictator. He doesn’t respect the wishes of Surrey residents and is unwilling to deal with any kind of opposition to his personal convictions.

Most of the decisions he and his cronies make are destructive to the environment and inconsiderate when it comes to how Surreyites feel about their city’s future, and how much more in taxes they will have to pay to support this man’s despotic conduct.

Judging by the number of negative letters about McCallum in the Now-Leader as well as in the Vancouver Sun, it is obvious the mayor is quite disliked and only a handful of people support his outrageous ideas, like destroying a section of Bear Creek Park, or ruining the idyllic land along Little Campbell River.

Most residents of this city don’t want the new city police force, and to prove this once and for all, it is imperative for a referendum to take place. This, by the way, should have been done a long time ago, before so much taxpayers’ money was spent. But because we have a mayor who doesn’t have any regard for the people he is supposed to represent, decisions are made in a highly undemocratic way.

When people want to express their opposition at public hearings, the mayor just cuts them off. He never listens to anyone who happens to have a different perspective. Our hard-earned dollars are being spent on projects we either don’t want or don’t need.

In the meantime, we have streets in need of an immediate repair and mature trees regularly cut down to make space for yet another unnecessary development that will put strain on existing services and add to the out-of-control congestion on our streets.

Enough is enough.

Katarzyna Laskowska, Surrey

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