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LETTER: Is Surrey’s policing debacle a David vs. Goliath battle?



In Tom Zytaruk’s article on the never-ending Surrey policing saga, he raises the issue of municipal jurisdiction in policing. Why is it that whatever the NDP touch, they seem to make it worse? I will be happy with the RCMP or SPS, as long as the people of Surrey get a genuine choice.

In the 1952 referendum, Surrey residents voted overwhelmingly to replace the Surrey Municipal Police with the RCMP.

Why won’t the NDP allow a policing referendum this time around? A referendum could settle this for the next 70 years. This situation is starting to look like more provincial government over-reach, on the edge of an upcoming provincial election.

While I have not always agreed with Mayor Locke, my admiration for her is growing, as she courageously stands up against overwhelming provincial odds. Will Mayor Locke end up surprising everyone like David did with Goliath?

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, Surrey