LETTER: It seems police operation didn’t put public’s safety first

The Editor,

Re: "Burglar gets five years for horrifying home invasion," the Now, April 10.

If this article is correct, we have two armed perpetrators breaking into a house, residents fleeing out the back, two thieves loading up a large quantity of stolen goods, a neighbour and a gardener being chased away at gunpoint – all while under police surveillance.It appears the police let them drive away and arrested them elsewhere.

Fortunately, no one was injured here. It could have been the residents, the neighbour, the gardener or perhaps someone’s wife, husband or child killed by fleeing suspects that seemingly could have been apprehended at the scene of the crime.

This does not seem to be a well-thought out police operation. I am mindful that there may be reasons for the way this incident went down but safety of citizens must be first and foremost and that seems lacking in this instance. We are indeed fortunate with the eventual outcome.

Rick Brook, Surrey