LETTER: Now that Hiebert is finally gone, let’s get it right next time voters!

The Editor,

Re: "Notable moments by Hiebert," the Now, Feb. 27.

Kudos to Michael Booth for his column on Russ Hiebert. I had to laugh (should have cried) when reminded of all the issues which were all part of Hiebert’s tenure in politics. It was exactly and completely as Booth described.

Living in Cloverdale, I can’t believe the lame duck politicians who get elected in this area federally and provincially. It’s unreal. I can only assume that constituents are not paying any attention or they are purely voting for the party and not the politician.

If you don’t notice anything else, you should be able to assume how a candidate will manage the job by simply observing their electoral campaign.

To tell you the truth, I was quite surprised by the announcement of Hiebert’s departure – after all it was a great gig and in no danger. But, as you suggested, he has the golden pension now – no need to "work" further.

I, for one, will be very happy to see him gone. He has done nothing for us. He does not even respond to constituents’ communications. I can only hope that the electorate will get it better next time! Thank you for your entertaining article.

Donna Rothstein, Surrey

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