LETTER: Politics are founded on religious world view

The Editor, Re: "Please keep your religion out of my politics," the Now, Dec. 11.

After reading Adrian MacNair’s column, I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew that he was contradicting himself.

By stating religion has no place in politics, he is imposing his religion of atheism on the rest of us and our government. MacNair may not think that atheism is a religion but by the definition of religion, it is.

I wonder if he would write the same scathing article if a First Nations chief was to come and do a ceremonial dance or chant to bless the council. Would you make the same remarks about having to learn First Nations history in public school as well? If you take some time to study the history of various nations of the world – and the politics within them – you would find that they are founded on a religious world view.

The religious world views which have been the most successful at developing a healthy and thriving nation are those that give a clear definition of right and wrong. Where you start to see mass failures in these societies is when they begin to stray from these world views.

By the way – while learning the Lord’s Prayer in public school, did you happen to learn the Golden Rule?

Jonathan Neufeld