LETTER: Reader’s rant on teachers belies his loneliness, bitterness

The Editor,

Re: "B.C. should pull a Reagan on BCTF," the Now letters, March 13.

John Bootsma must have had a terrible time in school. I can only imagine how poorly he did and how lonely he must have been in order for him to come up with such a vitriolic diatribe.

I am a retired teacher and I loved my job. I had the great privilege of helping young adults prepare for their future. I worked long hours, cared a great deal for those with whom I came in contact and was rewarded every day by my students’ successes, large and small.

My only difficulty with the job occurred when it was contract time and unfeeling, unthinking boors – some of whom believed that they "operated in the real world" without realizing that, without an education, their chances of success in that "real world" would have been nil – came out with the kinds of negative opinions that are expressed in Mr. Bootsma’s letter.

Harvey Ostroff, Surrey