LETTER: Salary semantics misleading public in education debate

LETTER: Salary semantics misleading public in education debate

The Editor,

Re: "Education soap opera plays on," the Now, March 4.

There is a need to clarify a false statement being perpetuated by the media. Contrary to what some journalists are reporting, the BCTF has tabled a salary request that is quite clear. Just because percentages were used, does not mean that the government negotiators can’t figure out what the actual salary request is.

One would assume that they are savvy enough to do basic math. It is ridiculous that Peter Cameron, the government’s chief negotiator, is using semantics as an excuse to mislead the public into thinking that the BCTF has not tabled salary items.

The second point that needs to be made is just how far behind their colleagues, in terms of salary, our B.C. teachers are. This needs to be factored in when journalists state that other unions have settled their contracts, as it is unreasonable to expect professional educators to settle for the same as other unions when such a huge salary gap exists. This salary inequity needs to be addressed first and foremost.

Arlene Laing, Surrey