LETTER: Second stove in home doesn’t necessarily equal high usage

The Editor,

Re: "Actual usage should determine suite fees," the Now letters, Feb. 18.

I agree with Marlene Chernesky.

We pay for an extra suite, but in reality there is no suite – four people live in the house and four people own it. We are all owners. I have seen homes with 10 or more people living in it, but because everyone shares or uses the kitchen, it is not classified as having a suite.

No one in this house uses the schools, we park all our vehicles on our own property and in our garage. We can put our garbage out once a month and not fill it. So where are we using extra services? We have been paying your extra fee for a suite since 2001 and all that time four people have lived here and two of them only seven months of the year.

Somehow we should be paying for the amount of usage, not penalized because we have a extra stove.

Vivian McCulloch, Surrey