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LETTER: Surrey councillor is right – student truck drivers should avoid rush hour

Traffic is nightmare in Newton and sheer number of driver training trucks doesn’t help
One reader agrees with Coun. Pardeep Kooner’s suggestion to keep student truck drivers from being on the roads during rush hour traffic. (Photo: Now-Leader file)

The Editor,

Re: “Curb student truck drivers during rush hours, Surrey councillor says,” the Now-Leader online.

I live in Fraser Heights. When my job took me to Mission, it was a 40-minute drive. Now my job has shifted to Surrey but travelling time is still 40 minutes.

Coun. Pardeep Kooner is bang on with her assessment. I tried observing the names of all the driver training establishments that I would pass in my travels, but I soon lost track because there was so many.

Kooner used the expression, “traffic frustration.” That is an understatement. When you get behind these tractor trailers and they stall or can’t maneuver a corner, you better be good at counting to 10 (or 50, or 100).

The area of my workplace is so densely populated already. We need to alleviate the chokehold on this artery .

Dorian Harvey, Surrey

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