LETTER: Surrey councillor’s flip-flopping is suspect

‘It’s the price of politics, but it is also a theatre of what we could expect’

The Editor,

Re: “If elected mayor, Brenda Locke says she will bring Surrey policing transition to ‘screeching halt,’” the Now-Leader online.

It is always a welcome sight to see any candidate put their name forward for election. However, despite my appreciation of Brenda Locke’s record as both a councillor and MLA, I have grave doubts as to her ability to lead our city.

Looking at her record, she ran with the McCallum team in support of removing the RCMP, and on her first item of business as a councillor, voted in favour of moving ahead with the RCMP transition.

What Locke fails to comprehend is that the public is not necessarily for or against the transition, but rather the fact that McCallum and his band of lackeys, (of which she was one), have consistently failed to advise us, the taxpayers, as to what the transition will cost – now and in the future.

This is the information the public wanted to know during the past election, not political one-liners that simply provide good sound bites.

I strongly suspect that 60 per cent of the voting public already knew McCallum was a bully and one-man show – his previous defeat to Dianne Watts was clear evidence of ‘his way or the highway.’

Since her defection from the McCallum team, Locke has decided to vote against most any policy put forth by the majority coalition.

So we have a candidate who ran on a platform and now is against everything that she stood for. It’s the price of politics, but it is also a theatre of what we could expect from this group of elected individuals in the future.

Maybe we should find one candidate, (Tom Gill, Bruce Haynes or Dianne Watts) who knows how to build consensus in council and can rid us of the current dysfunctional council.

John Millar, Surrey


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