Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Photo: Amy Reid)

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Photo: Amy Reid)

LETTER: Surrey RCMP staff deserve better

Reader says she is embarrassed by residents standing by Doug McCallum

The Editor,

I am embarrassed by all the Surrey residents who are standing by while Doug McCallum and his four cohorts destroy the families and careers of thousands of RCMP employees in Surrey.

These employees are frontline workers, with homes and families like everyone else, and are simply trying to survive in a global pandemic. They have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens in their community, putting their lives in danger every day in the process. They have done nothing to deserve the stress, insecurity and disrespect forced on them by our current mayor, who is steamrolling his biased agenda through.

Where are the checks and balances for this undertaking? Those Surrey residents who are silent are complaisant on this matter.

Donna Bil, Surrey

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