(Photo: Black Press files)

(Photo: Black Press files)

LETTER: Surrey’s clean-up campaign is off-base

City needs more staff, better service plan

The Editor,

Re: “Mayor wants residents to pick up litter as part of ‘Love Where You Live effort,’ the Now-Leader, March 11.

Residents of Surrey are not getting enough value for their tax dollars. As taxes climb higher and the mayor and councillors give themselves secret raises, basic services like keeping the city clean have declined.

I’m in favour of citizens contributing and tidying up their neighbourhood but we all see that the problem is much larger than an occasional discarded coffee cup – littering and dumping are rampant.

The mayor’s statement this week that every resident spend 20 minutes a week on trash pickup is very off-base. When the problem is that widespread, the city needs more staff and a better service plan.

Jodi Murphy, Surrey


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