LETTER: Surrey’s old problems are still unresolved

The Editor,

Re: "Adversity is exhausting our city," the Now, Jan. 9.

Finally, someone says it like it is! Frustration with the state of the city is palpable. The growth is out of control, the crime is out of control, the good kids have no pride in the city – it’s all so obvious even Beau Simpson’s seven-year-old son Noah can sense it. My kids also put a distancing spin on where they live – better to be from Cloverdale or Panorama Ridge than Surrey.

Surrey brags about its ridiculous growth, while our schools and health-care facilities are overflowing, the community centres are dark and unsafe, and the decades-old problems are as prevalent as ever.

For example, how many cops’ salaries could be paid if the city got on top of the 20-year-old illegal suite fiasco? As the Sun recently reported, Ministry of Health statistics show there are 55 registered recovery homes in B.C., of which 30 are in Surrey. Yes, that’s right, more than 50 per cent fare in Surrey. Why is that? Who allows that? Don’t forget, that’s in addition to the estimated 67 unregistered homes. Really?

While Dianne Watts has been a great PR person for Surrey, I think Surrey is sameold, same-old, just more of it – plus one shiny new "central" city hall. I am also frustrated with the state of the city and finding it very difficult to be proud of Surrey. I agree with the Now‘s editor – there needs to be a new direction focusing on sustainability and managing our growth.

Jenny MacLean, Surrey