LETTER: Thank goodness that Watts’ dictatorship finally over in Surrey

LETTER: Thank goodness that Watts' dictatorship finally over in Surrey

The Editor,

Re: "End of an era," the Now, April 29.

I wish to thank Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts for her service and distinction of being the most autocratic mayor Surrey has ever had.

Specifically, I wish to:.

  • Thank Watts for not hiring enough police to ensure that Surrey has amongst the lowest number of police per capita of any city in Canada, consequently giving Surrey a record high murder rate.

  • Thank Watts for withholding crime reports and statistics from the public so we can all feel safer.

  • Thank Watts for spending taxpayer money on the Surrey Regional Economic Summit so she can feel important when she rubs shoulders with former disgraced politicians instead of fixing our broken roads, building community centres or hiring more police.

  • Thank Watts for putting her own political ambition ahead of the residents of Surrey by not advocating for new schools, but instead making Surrey the first district in the history of B.C. to pay millions of dollars for construction of schools, instead of the province.

  • Thank Watts for rubber stamping development applications and ignoring those pesky long-term residents.

  • Thank Watts for helping remove the "undesirables" out of Whalley and into Newton and Guildford, in order to help her poor developer friends sell their empty highrises.

  • Thank Watts for ostracizing and removing the Surrey First dissenter Coun. Barinder Rasode as chair of the police committee. Rasode foolishly stepped out of line by listening and advocating for us residents.

Thank you again, Your Worship, for ruling Surrey under your one-party dictatorship.

Sandip Sandhu, Surrey