LETTER: TransLink must be kept as a single system

LETTER: TransLink must be kept as a single system

The Editor,

Re: "Transit system should be split," the Now letters, Jan. 28.

If TransLink were split, so that buses and SkyTrain were handled separately from roads, how would you ensure integrated planning? Decision-making needs to be co-ordinated.

TransLink needs to stay under local control and I agree with a more recent letter writer when he wrote that users of amenities should "pay to fund them."

A toll system on all bridges with $1.50 tolls on older, existing infrastructure and $3 tolls on new bridges would spur more people to take transit and avoid punishing south of the Fraser residents for the lack of land use and transportation planning that creates congestion in the first place.

Vehicle levies are unfair because they punish those people who use transit during the week, but take their kids to hockey on a weekend.

Justin Miedema, Delta