LETTER: We are taxing and tolling our way into degradation

The Editor,

Re: "Chestbeating over bridge rings hollow," the Now, April 17.

I very much enjoyed Michael Booth’s column but would like to point out one fact he neglected to mention.

The provincial government’s only reason for the sudden interest in replacing the Massey Tunnel is to allow the Fraser to be dredged out to allow mega ships to access Fraser Surrey docks – they could not care less about taxpaying commuters.

As long as the highway ends at the already gridlocked Oak Street Bridge/Street, you cannot "cure" the commuter’s problem, merely relocate it.

If there were no docks, there would be no new bridge and the Pattullo replacement would receive the priority it deserves.

Politicians of all stripes are falling over themselves to turn the Lower Mainland into Long Beach North, a wretched, polluted blight that we used to pity, not try to emulate.

With taxes and tolls, we locals will be paying for our own degradation.

Nick Mayar, Delta