Another pile of trash dumped on Colebrook Road in Surrey. (Photos submitted)

Another pile of trash dumped on Colebrook Road in Surrey. (Photos submitted)


LETTERS: A New Year’s resolution for Surrey – stop dumping trash

Garbage in our city is unacceptable, especially since there are many ways to get rid of it properly

The Editor,

Another day, another pile of junk dumped on Colebrook Road.

Who does this? Who thinks it’s acceptable to dump their trash on a quiet street when no one is looking? What do they think happens to it?

Eventually, the city has to send someone to pick it up and dispose of it properly. This costs money – our money. Until then, it sits there looking terrible, polluting, and inviting other people to dump.

This is totally unacceptable, especially since there are so many ways to get rid of stuff properly. The city offers free large item pickups and has increased the number of times they do it. There are pop up junk drop offs throughout the city during the summer, and numerous recycle depots.

If something is still useful why not donate it? Or, if you do find yourself with a pile of junk to get rid of, do the right thing – take it to the landfill and pay the fee.

Or, maybe whoever owned this stuff believed they had paid someone to take it away and dispose of it responsibility. If this is the case and you recognize your stuff, report them. It may be a few offenders offering to take away junk for cheap, who are pocketing the cash and dumping the stuff illegally.

We have to stop the irresponsible people who are creating this mess. Let’s all make a resolution to be responsible for our actions and our trash.

Katherina Ross, Surrey

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We must do better to keep our communities clean

The Editor,

As I go for walks around my neighbourhood in Cloverdale, I’m appalled by the amount of garbage on the streets and boulevards.

It does not take much effort for citizens to throw out their garbage or to pick up garbage around their property. Keeping the city clean cannot solely be the responsibility of the city workers.

The community must do its part to keep our neighbourhoods clean.

Jon Saltel, Cloverdale

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