LETTERS: Love it or hate it, FVDED in the Park got Surrey talking

Here are just a few of the letters to the editor we received about the recent FVDED in the Park music festival at Surrey's Holland Park

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here are just a few of the letters to the editor we received about the recent FVDED in the Park music festival held in Surrey’s Holland Park. Let us know what you think by emailing edit@thenownewspaper.com


FVDED in the Park was fantastic event

The Editor,

Despite some negative feedback I read in the Now, I was thoroughly impressed with the event. Although I’m too old to attend, I enjoyed watching everyone have a great time.

These are exactly the type of events that Surrey needs to bolster its reputation. Kudos to the many police, security guards, volunteers, etc. for hosting a safe, fun-filled event. I hope it continues next year and beyond.

Sherry Weatherston, Surrey


Festival’s racket was unbearable

The Editor,

This may have been a wonderful event for Live Nation Canada and Blueprint Events but for the residents, it was terrible.

We live on 139th Avenue and could not hear ourselves talk. Even with our windows and doors closed, we couldn’t hear our TV and needless to say, we couldn’t sleep.

We wanted to have a family birthday barbecue  on the patio but that was impossible. When you have 50 bands going 24/7 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (not 10:30 p.m. as reported) it was very stressful.

This type of event should be held in a large field, not in neighbourhoods where hundreds of taxpayers live. I would also like to add that the language of the singers was outrageous.

In the future, please think of all the residents who have to suffer through these events.

Rose Garoff, Surrey


I’m 81 and the noise didn’t bother me!

The Editor,

I live at a few blocks from Holland Park. I have lived here since 1958. I am 81 years old and not deaf. The music did not bother me or my neighbours. The kids need this or they might be out making trouble. And the location is ideal, as it is close to SkyTrain. I had cars parked all weekend and overnight. They made little noise coming or going.

Vi Brucker, Surrey


Did the whole city really need to hear concert?

The Editor,

The residents at Imperial Place, blocks away from Holland Park were unable to sit outside or even open their windows during this weekend festival. This is ridiculous. I can’t imagine how residents who lived even closer managed to spend their weekend.

A concert should be for the fans not the whole city. I’ll bet the mayor was nowhere near. This is not the place for concerts that are this loud.

Penny Fehr, Surrey


Girls were half naked, language of concert-goers was shameful

The Editor,

I was not affected by all the noise coming from the FVDED festival as I do not live in the area.

However, I was at Surrey Central on Saturday and was not impressed with the language, nor the scantily clad girls walking around. I understand there was also some bare-breasted girls.

Surrey is a family-orientated city and I would not want my children or grandchildren exposed to such behaviour. It’s time to raise our standards and not just focus on the revenue that the City of Surrey seems most concerned about.

P. Walz, Surrey


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