Line between civilians, soldiers blurred

Any random or targeted act of violence is unfortunate, and especially one where children are involved.

In the wake of the Boston bombings, we have sadly been reminded of the dangers that today’s world carries. Any random or targeted act of violence is unfortunate, and especially one where children are involved.

One is left to ponder why such violence continues to escalate. I believe the source of this previously unheard of violence lies within the mental state of people and their willingness to harm others without any regard or consequence.

It is necessary to note that random or targeted bombings were not common news, even 30 years ago.  Whether we are talking about North America or other parts of the globe, historically speaking this type of horrific and indiscriminate manner of killing is a fairly new trend in domestic/global situations.

In the past, countries would declare war and their soldiers would be the main source of violence excluding civilians, but war has been experiencing a metamorphosis where civilians and soldiers are becoming more difficult to distinguish. Political boundaries are no longer the parameters of rules which people must follow.

Having said this, we have to raise the question of why, with an increase of worldwide security, we have more violence? Having additional security is definitely more of a deterrent for those individuals who are easily intimidated by police presence, but clearly this plan has not been effective enough.

A more rational approach would require a deeper understanding of political ideologies and respect for all humans, regardless of race and religion.

It goes without saying that a retaliation disposition has failed, and in fact exacerbated the situation to a point where people are paranoid and choosing to make irrational decisions. Technology has certainly progressed, however, people are not absorbing this technology so as to make a greater effort at continuing peace.

Finally, whether in Boston, Baghdad, or London, these senseless acts of violence will unfortunately persist until governments educate their citizens in a more inclusive and positive manner.

In a world where we are constantly tracked and easily exposed, how do certain individuals “fool” the system and bring such tragedy so close to home? Regardless of who is planting these bombs, there must come a time where dialogue and self -reflection are used as provisions to extinguish this burning fire that has been fuelled by human lives in the name of religious or political freedom.

Clearly, both sides of this battle acknowledge the compulsion to engage in physical combat is unquestionably necessary, most likely because they have made immense misinterpretations and now feel backing down will be a symbolic loss.


Lucky Virk, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader