LRT is the right solution for Surrey

Light rail transit has many benefits over a SkyTrain system.

Re: “Ditch Surrey LRT for Surrey,” The Leader, Dec. 16.

Without question, Light Rail Transit (LRT) is the right solution for the south-of-the-Fraser region. Your article included many statements by Daryl Dela Cruz that simply are not accurate.

Surrey’s proposed 27-kilometre LRT system will not only move people around efficiently, but also help to grow community hubs.

Here are some important facts:

1. For the approximately $2-billion cost of 27-kms of LRT, only 17 kms of SkyTrain on Fraser Highway could be built. In addition, the LRT system will connect Surrey, Newton, Cloverdale, Guildford and Langley. Guildford and Newton would not be served by SkyTrain.

2. Surrey residents want LRT. According to a 2013 survey, 80 per cent of Surrey residents support LRT and almost two-thirds say they would use at least one of the proposed LRT lines. The Mayors’ Council has also given unequivocal support to Surrey’s LRT project.

3. In LRT’s first year of operation, the peak hour demand on King George Boulevard is expected to equal what is carried on Vancouver’s Broadway B-line today. Yet, the SkyTrain for Surrey plan suggests that Newton should be able to “make do” with the type of overcrowding and pass-ups deemed unacceptable on Broadway.

We know transit is under-funded south of the Fraser and has been for a long period of time. Now is the time to invest in a LRT system that can meet the quickly growing needs of our community.

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Anita Huberman

CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

Chair, Light Rail Links Coalition


Surrey North Delta Leader