Make Port Mann costs public

Are raised tolls for bridge maintenance or salary maintenance?

It has been announced that tolls will be raised on the Port Mann Bridge by 15 cents per crossing starting Aug. 15. They confer that is because of bridge building, operating and maintenance costs, but it makes me wonder.

Transportation Investment Corp. claims the tolls are not being raised to make a profit, but is this increase really because of salary increases for TI Corp. executives?

I would like to know how much money really goes to ongoing bridge maintenance versus executive pay maintenance. I would like to see a list of executive salaries published for this corporation. And I want to see a breakdown of the costs to maintain the bridge and all the salaries of the employees in the company.

I think it would be fair for the paying public to see the truth, rather than a blurb released from TI Corp. that more money is needed with no real explanation other than bridge maintenance costs.

The paying public wants accountability. Show us the facts.

Sandra Steffan



Surrey North Delta Leader