National child-care program is neeed

In the May 11 edition of The Leader, letter writer Brent Colmer tells us that the minimum wage will have an impact on his family because they require the services of a nanny.

That impact means one less family vacation or sports program for the Colmers.

Mr. Colmer doesn’t mention the impact on the nanny herself. Child-care providers do some of the most important and challenging work in our society.

They are entitled to be compensated appropriately. I wouldn’t guess that minimum wage is providing her family with many extras either.

The quality of care that children receive probably contributes more to their development than their vacations. We need to value this service, and develop a proper national child-care program for all.

Deborah Payment



Minimum wage hike necessary

In response to Brent Colmer’s letter, “Minimum wage hike hits hard,” it is always easier to look at our own situation and think that it is the same for everyone.

Well, everyone will be paying more because of the hike in the minimum wage.

However, those who are making minimum wage can never afford a family vacation or sports programs much less a live-in nanny.

The hike in their wages will give them a better chance at affording the daily necessities we take for granted such as food and shelter.

Sheila Kerfoot


Surrey North Delta Leader