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OUR VIEW: In Surrey, the power is in our hands to make 2022 a banner year

There’s so much we can do better this year – if we take it upon ourselves

We approach 2022 with bated breath as the Omicron variant continues to take hold in Surrey and elsewhere. After all we’ve been through during this pandemic, this latest development feels like we’ve reached the crest of a wave only to find there are more heading our way.

It’s our primary wish for 2022 that everyone – everyone – takes the threat that this pandemic poses seriously.

That means getting vaccinated, not cutting corners, not letting your face mask dangle from your chin when you are required to wear one in grocery stores and elsewhere, and not partying at society’s expense, if we are ever to get out of this mess. To sum up, don’t be selfish.

Do your part.

It is also our wish that public health officials and government demonstrate in 2022 the wisdom and courage to tackle the pandemic not with half measures guided by political expediency but rather with transparency, clear messaging and tough medicine as needed.

We are entering 2022 with a spectacularly dysfunctional city council and a mayor who is facing a charge of public mischief. Enough already. Surrey does not need more top-down, party-whipped politics of the ilk that has sludged down from higher levels of federal and provincial politics.

Your vote is their grail. Make certain the political candidates who seek it are imbued with integrity, intelligence, and wear their heart on their sleeve before you endorse them at the polls on Oct. 15. It’s been said ad nauseum, but for goodness sake, get out and vote.

On the climate front, we are now facing a reckoning for past practices made manifest in wild fires, heat waves and floods. Let’s all resolve to make 2022 a banner year in our effort to protect our environment, to choose worthy leaders and hold them to account, and to commit to being better than we were in 2021.

– Now-Leader


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