OUR VIEW: Surrey council’s wee-hours ways a concern

‘When it creeps up to one and two in the morning, we’re not at our best,’ Councillor Linda Annis notes

Nosferatu would be proud.

But probably a little puzzled, too, given the defeat Safe Surrey Coalition’s majority brewed up for lone Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis’s motion, served up a full 120 minutes and then some after the witching hour.

Following a public hearing in which one speaker, after another, after another, after another cued up to let their concerns be known to the politicians on a string of land-development issues, Annis, at 2:04 a.m. Tuesday, began her argument in support of her motion to have council put a cap on such late-night, head-nodding, eyelid-dropping meeting marathons.

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You’d think it was the perfect time for her to drop this on council, given the late hour and given the gruelling session they’d just been through. You’d think every atom of council’s collective being would have screamed out, “Yes, yes, please yes.”

You’d think.

Instead, the motion was defeated.

The lesson? Never underestimate that peppiest of political pep pills, partisan politics.

It clearly abides day and night. For some, it’s in the blood.

Anyone who has pulled an all-nighter or two back in their school days, or has cared for a newborn baby, knows the toll sleeplessness can take on the body and mind.

As Annis said, “When it creeps up to one and two in the morning, we’re not at our best.”

Whether you are a fan of Mayor Doug McCallum or not, it is undeniable that our 77-year-old mayor, who this week presided over a meeting that began at 2 p.m. and ended at 2:19 a.m., is a machine.

They all are.


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