Please clean up after your dogs

Don’t you feel lucky when your foot squishes into a big pile of dog poop on the sidewalk? Then the task of heading home to try and remove the mess from your shoe without it smearing on other surfaces.

Or better yet, when a pile of feces is left on a school playground or field where children run and, yes, even slide and fall into the stinking pile.

Owning a dog is a responsibility from start to finish. A dog needs nutritious food, exercise, grooming, training, stimulation, affection and veterinary care.

Dogs are lavished with so much time and money, yet one critical act which should be performed by responsible dog owners and is often overlooked: cleaning up after them.

For failing to do so, both the municipality of Delta and the City of Surrey set financial penalties.

For the health of our community, stoop and scoop your dog’s poop.


Anna Matheson, North Delta

Surrey North Delta Leader