Police let down by the judges themselves

The story in the Leader’s April 15 issue, a story in the Justice Denied series talks about under-funding.

But to me what is much more important is the article by Sheila Reynolds on page 12: “Strip search illegal, charges dropped.”

Judge Peder Gulbransen found that a strip search by police in the back of a police van was done illegally, even though the officer had a valid reason for doing so.

The drugs were found on this accused drug trafficker, but were not allowed as evidence.

There was also evidence on a cell phone deemed insufficient.

We as taxpayers are paying taxes to protect our families from criminal activity. The police were doing their job, and they were kind enough to offer the suspect the privacy of the van. Makes you wonder about the integrity of the judge.

Other judges are allowing endless delays in cases, even though they know the defence is doing so to get more two-for-one time served for the guilty. All of the court activity and treatment of the criminal is to protect their rights.

Makes you wonder about the rights of the taxpayer to get the law and order they are asking for and paying for.

There is also the issue of the repeat offenders being released within hours of being caught again and again.

Is the whole system corrupt?

Mike Bowyer, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader