Raise taxes to provide better health care

I applaud the staff of SMH for the work they do and the care in which they do it.

I have read many articles and reviews regarding Surrey Memorial Hospital’s ability to provide the health care service that British Columbians so deserve.

My letter is to applaud the staff of SMH for the work they do and the care in which they do it, without the satisfactory money to perform these services adequately.

I was admitted in the early morning of Jan. 1 via ambulance and was admitted to the ITU unit until my discharge on Jan. 6. Although I did not have proper privacy for the first day, and was crammed into a small unit when admitted, the ambulance attendants, admission clerks, medical staff and cleaning people did the best that they could with the little they had to work with.

Thank you to all the SMH staff that attended to my needs so attentively while I was in their care.

Our provincial and federal governments need to be subjected firsthand to the process that I went through to enter a hospital via emergency.

The politicians need to understand that, in general, employees who are directly responsible for the care and treatment of a patient need to be given the space and equipment that is required for the safety, security and privacy of the patient.

But also, the general public needs to understand that the best way to get these funds is to raise taxes so that this money can be provided for superb health care for all.


Thomas Nessan Behan


Surrey North Delta Leader