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Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Aug. 3, 2023)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers
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• Rotten tomatoes to the local politicians who keep trying to force their agendas on us for the past several years. Wasting money on your agendas doesn’t help the people of Surrey. Work towards what the community needs, such as health care where more is so desperately needed. Roses to all the police, health care workers and firefighters who work tirelessly to help us.

• Roses to our Mayor Brenda Locke for fighting an uphill battle to keep our RCMP in Surrey. It was always going to be a lost cause as Mike Farnworth had made his decision long before this whole fiasco started. Rotten tomatoes to Farnworth and Doug McCallum for putting Surrey through years of uncertainty and the cost of two police forces.

• Roses to Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth for his decision. It’s great that we’re finally moving ahead with the Surrey Police Service. The RCMP have served us well but it’s about time we update our policing model. Change is good. Rotten tomatoes to people who refuse to accept change.

• The most rotten tomatoes to people who trash other people. Smart people talk about ideas. Dumb people talk about others.

• Rotten tomatoes to the rude annoying man who told me not to open up the Bob Marley shirts at the Caribbean Days festival. His excuse – ‘they are the same’ and’ it’s too much work for me to fold.’ Congrats, you lost yourself a costumer!

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