Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Feb. 20, 2014)

Rotten tomatoes to Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. Talk is cheap. Now you are going to get tough on crime? Where were you in the last few years when people complained about crime? Sounds like more public spin for an election coming up. And when you talk about bylaw enforcement, that is the biggest joke of all. I have never met anyone who has been fined by the city and paid – especially rental properties full of druggies or grow-ops or unsightly properties. What a joke you are. I won’t forget these issues on election day.

Rotten tomatoes to the person who gave rotten tomatoes to other people who gave rotten tomatoes. Some people need to get something off their chest, without hurting their feelings in person. If it bothers you that much, then don’t read this column .

Fragrant roses to the lovely lady who gave my daughter her number/ticket at the Biomedical Lab in the Hill Top Medical Centre on Feb. 12. There was about a 15-to 20-minute wait. My daughter was very sick with a fever, nausea and more. Your act of compassion did more then get her in and out of the lab and back in her bed. It gave us both renewed assurance that we live in a caring community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Fresh-cut red roses to the Crystal Hearing team in the Semiahmoo Shopping Centre for very professional, reliable service with personal touch and generosity.

Rotten tomatoes to people who do not return their buggies to the cart return area. By leaving them in the parking stalls, you are taking up parking spots. More rotten tomatoes to people who leave their garbage in the carts.

Beautiful winter roses to the couple walking down 151A Street on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, who saw my small black purse laying on the driveway and were kind enough to knock on our door and return it. Thank you so much!

Rotten tomatoes to the ignorant drivers who consistently honk and rudely veer ahead of me whenever I am simply following the law of driving at 30 km/h at school and park zones. By not driving at 30km/h in these zones, not only are you breaking the law, you are also endangering the lives of young children. Shame on you.

Rotten tomatoes to those "everything is beautiful" people who complain about people being negative. Do you know the difference of being negative and telling the truth, exposing things that are wrong and should be changed to your benefit? People like you are always the first in line after a change has been made to reap the benefits. Remember Jack Webster? People like you called him negative too, but they always tuned into CKNW to listen to his radio show. It takes nerve and a backbone to stand up for yourself when you have been wronged. Everything isn’t beautiful – some things need to be exposed and changed to the benefit of all. Get your head out of the clouds. Tell it like it is!

Red roses to the nurses on the fourth floor, 1A, at the Jim Pattison Centre. They alerted me and my husband regarding his heart. They took extra time explaining the situation to us and giving us a copy of his ECG reading. Therefore, we were able to get into the doctor the next morning, getting him the medication he needed. Thank you so much

Rotten tomatoes to the people who live across the street from us but permanently park their red Mazda right in front of our house instead of their own house. They have no common courtesy with respect to other people’s privacy. Do they realize how inconsiderate and annoying that is?

Red roses to the very nice young woman and very nice man who helped me when my husband took a bad fall in the parking lot at the IGA in Riverside. He is doing well. Thank you both for your help and concern.

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