Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Jan. 12, 2017 edition)

A weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

Email your Roses and Rotten Tomatoes to

Email your Roses and Rotten Tomatoes to


  • White winter roses to motorists who exercise caution when driving on slippery roads.
  • A Zamboni of roses to Joe, Saul and all the gentlemen at Fleetwood Automotive. We are absolutely thrilled with the service that they’ve been providing all these years. Always full of smiles, good advice, and good honest business. Even with the icy lot and weird parking situation, they always manage to fit our vehicles in! Salute to you all!
  • Roses to Jas, manager at City of Surrey bylaw enforcement, for taking my complaint seriously. I emailed him because most of my neighbours have not shovelled their sidewalks and we live right near an elementary school. He not only called me and emailed me back immediately, he also had the bylaw enforcement people out the next day, getting all the people to look after their sidewalks. Very impressed with his prompt action.
  • Roses to Don M. in the Newton area who has been cleaning and salting our driveway during this winter season. We would like to express our sincere appreciation! You help so many others in our cul-de-sac as well! Thank you for your goodness and kindness.
  • A van full of roses to Tom for bringing his snow blower to clear a number of driveways, including mine, and the roadway in our cul-de-sac.
  • Roses to everyone who celebrated New Year’s responsibly and safely by not getting behind the wheel.

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Rotten Tomatoes

  • Rotten tomatoes to the RCMP and Mayor Hepner for their phoney crime reduction stats. The crime in our neighbourhood is double what it was last year. My neighbours have had their car stolen four times and drug dealing happens every day around here – but the cops say it is “low-level” crime, so it doesn’t count. What a load of crap.
  • Rotten tomato-encrusted snowballs to pedestrians who leap out onto icy roads like they’ve got all the rights in the world. Give your heads a shake, before a car slides right over you. This goes for crosswalk attendants too (people who should know better).
  • Rotten tomatoes to people who have nothing better to do but gossip.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey for not sending out enough snow trucks to clear the ice off the streets. Poor planning and very disorganized as far as I’m concerned.
  • Rotten tomatoes, perhaps a few frozen ones in the mix, to the inconsiderate parents who pick up their children from Coyote Creek Elementary and feel compelled to abandon their vehicles across driveways, thereby blocking access in or out as well as making it impossible for the garbage trucks to reach the garbage cans.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the person who stole my Hallmark bag from Willowbrook Shopping Centre on Christmas Eve with a “Precious Moments statue of the Nativity Scene” in it. I believe it was entitled “Joy.” Merry Christmas to whomever got my gift.

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