Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Jan. 29, 2015)


  • A basketball court of multi-coloured roses to Judith and Rachel for organizing and running the concession at the B.C. Catholics Tournament. It is a lot of work and you did it wonderfully. Single roses to the other parents who worked the concession – you are a fun bunch to work with and I look forward to next year.

  • A big bouquet of roses to the staff at Amenida Seniors centre in Surrey for giving my mother Betty a wonderful 104th birthday party. The way you treat your residents is just awesome.

  • A big smelly bunch of blue roses to everyone at Surrey Memorial’s pediactric emergency room for being so great when my seven-year-old broke her arm on Monday. For a first-time visit for both of us, they provided such excellent care that everything went super smoothly. Thank you! You guys are WOWSOME!

  • A celebration of roses to the runner who stopped to give me his information after a rough car accident. Also, bushels of grateful roses to the first responders who attended at 181st Street and 64th Avenue Monday night and took such good care of my 10-year-old son and I. We are both very grateful for their compassion and professionalism.

  • Roses to the friendly and hard-working staff at Wing Yuen Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant in Newton. Every time I escape the office and have lunch there (about once a week), I am always greeted with excellent service and great food at such great value. Despite working long hours, the staff always seem to greet customers with a warm smile.

  • Roses to coaches Jimmy Vulcano and Jay Grice for working so hard (and being so patient) with our young ball players in Cloverdale. A highlight of my week is watching the kids have so much fun while learning the fundamentals of ball!


  • A huge dump truck full of rotten tomatoes to drivers who don’t know how to use roundabouts. When approaching you, are to yield to traffic in the circle and the traffic in said circle is not to stop for you to enter the circle. If you don’t know how to use them, drive elsewhere.

  • A coach house full of rotten tomatoes to owners of homes in Clayton Heights who let their children play basketball and/or hockey in the back alley. I live in a coach house, work shift work and go to school. The constant noise of kids hitting the garage with balls and sticks is unbearable, summers are worse. There is ample space to play in the front yards…be considerate to your neighbours!

  • A semi full of rotten tomatoes to the province, TransLink and every other government agency involved in not doing something to eliminate the heavy truck traffic on the Pattullo Bridge and Canada Way and getting them back where they belong – on Highway 1.  Give them some incentive, reduce the tolls – it’s a simple solution, not rocket science.  

  • A big bag full of rotten tomatoes go out to the bus line that does not have a flexible schedule of bus times for going to Whistler.You are the worst company ever and I hope you close down!

  • Rotten tomatoes to our new mayor in Surrey. So she wants a new transit tax. When is the mayor of Surrey going to start collecting owed taxes and fees for illegal suites in Surrey to pay for some of these things?

  • Rotten tomatoes to people with pickup trucks full of old nails and screws that fall out whenever they open the tailgate or even stop somewhere – especially at supermarkets and malls. Don’t you have any common sense at all? Oh, by the way try putting a red flag on the crap hanging out of your box, too.

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