Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Nov. 13, 2014)

Here’s what our readers in Surrey, White Rock and North Delta are griping about this week – and who they’re thanking.


  • A huge bouquet of roses to the City of Surrey for distributing the voter’s guide and candidate information. It has assisted me greatly to make my decision for voting on Nov. 15. Please get out and vote – it is a privilege!

  • Roses to the young man and taxi driver who came to help me on Nov. 7 after I fell on 96th Avenue in North Delta. I was out walking my eldest daughter’s large husky dog and had bent over to pick up his doggy business when he gave a jolt on his leash after seeing another dog. Being an older woman in my 80s, I was knocked off my feet and fell to the ground, but managed to contain a grip on his leash. Both the young men came over to ensure I was OK. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of these gentlemen for stopping and to let people in the North Delta/Surrey community know that there are kind and considerate men in our midst, and that it makes me proud to live here. To these young men, you did your mothers and yourselves proud.

  • Two deep pink roses of gratitude: First, to the kind gentleman sitting at the Starbucks in Central City who guarded my daughter’s pink bag until she remembered and ran back to retrieve it. The second goes to the young woman driver who, upon being reminded that pedestrians have right-of-way at intersections and crosswalks, simply nodded and replied, "Got it." A humble gesture goes a long way. Thank you.

  • A Fortis truck full of roses to the wonderful young meter reader who stayed with my husband after he fell off a ladder. He stayed until the ambulance came. Thank you so much. Your kindness was appreciated.

  • A big room full of roses to the folks at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic after I saw on the news that they, for the moment, are going to neuter any feral, homeless cats brought into them. Roses and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who are trying to reduce the number of homeless cats that are wandering the streets of Surrey.

  • It broke my heart and also encouraged me to read the note from the person who is trying to make amends for something he did 24 years ago. It took courage – I wish you could have spoken face-to-face with the child you encountered that evening. I hope you have found ways to make amends by doing whatever good deeds you are capable of. By writing this note, you show that you are still a good person; keep it up!

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  • Stinking rotten tomatoes to the morning-commute drivers who block Westview Drive at 64th Avenue in North Delta while waiting to get onto Highway 91. First off, blocking an intersection is illegal. Second, no, I am not trying to sneak into your precious lineup, I am actually trying to get around you to continue on my way to 104th Street. And don’t you feel dumb honking or giving me the finger when you realize I’m just trying to get off my street!

  • A horse buggy of rotten tomatoes to the jockey at the Cloverdale track whose horse we spooked with our umbrella (for which we are very sorry): Instead of being so angry and shaking your head all the way back to the barn, inform us, don’t just assume everybody knows what spooks horses, and what doesn’t.

  • A rulebook full of rotten tomatoes to the disrespectful 502 bus rider. You’re not supposed to hold the bars on the door. What if it opens during motion? Perhaps you should be taught a lesson on respecting rules.

  • Rotten tomatoes to all the homeowners/renters in East Clayton who do not take care of their tiny yards or the boulevards in front of their homes! It angers me to no end to see the neighbourhood looking awful and my investment being directly affected by this! The city needs to hire a contractor to care for the boulevards and fine people who do not take care of their yards!

  • A BMW full of rotten tomatoes to the classless male who did a U-turn in front of a school and then proceeded to finger the person in the car who had the right-of-way. Driving a fancy car does not give you class. Next time when you are in the wrong own up to it instead of being low life scum. Hope the rest of you day was as wonderful as you started mine off as.

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