Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to

Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to


Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Nov. 19, 2020)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • A bouquet of roses to White Rock for ticketing the inconsiderate jerks with loud cars. Now if they do the same to the Harley riders who install special kits to be as loud as possible, it would be even better. Perhaps Surrey could follow their good example.
  • Roses and gratitude to the Surrey Memorial Hospital nurses at 3R Pod 2, the operator who took my family’s calls, the staff, the physicians and surgeon who cared for me from Nov. 6 to 8. I want to thank them for their compassion, kindness, humour and professional care. You put my mind and my family’s mind at ease. You are the best! See you again in two weeks. Signed, the Woolly One.
  • Glorious red, white and blue roses to our friends to the south for voting the orange buffoon out of office, finally! It’s been a long four years and time for sanity to return to the White House. For all those who wanted him re-elected, if that’s your ideal of American greatness, you scare the “rotten tomatoes” out of me.
  • A shopping cart full of red roses to Lana and her team at the Guildford Superstore for all their hard work in selecting, loading and bringing down our grocery orders to help keep us safe, week after week since the pandemic started. Always friendly service, and it is greatly appreciated!
  • A bushel full of rotten tomatoes to provincial candidates who have not yet removed their campaign signs. Also another bushel to the city for not enforcing the bylaws to get rid of these eyesores!
  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey who had 10 to 12 bylaw officers patrolling the Crescent Beach area – where the mayor lives – on weekends over the spring and summer months for COVID-19 patrols, but now that his neighbourhood is quiet again, they barely even have a COVID team in place, in spite of Surrey having the highest number of cases in B.C.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the business in Cloverdale that works for “cash only.” No Interac machine – and don’t offer receipts. Not even a sign on door. Not fishy at all.

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