Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to

Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to


Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Nov. 26, 2020)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • Roses to all our restaurants and staff who work in them. Please order take out if you do not dine in (which is safe to do). If we do not support them now they might not be here when things get back to normal.
  • Roses to London Drugs for stepping up and giving stocking gifts to seniors for Christmas. Rose to any other drug store who will collect stockings for children who use the breakfast program in Surrey.
  • A heaping pile of rotten and rancid tomatoes to Mayor McCallum and his four SSC councillors, Patton, Elford, Guerra and Nagra for imposing an enormous property tax increase on Surrey residents to pay for an unwanted SPD that the majority of Surrey residents don’t want! Your actions are despicable! The next municipal election can’t come soon enough!
  • Roses to animal rescue personnel who rescue runaway, and often injured, pets and wildlife who are terrified by fireworks every Halloween. Roses to all pet owners who spent a stressful weekend caring for, and attempting to calm their pets during the barrage of fireworks over the weekend.
  • Rotten tomatoes to people who spend hundred of dollars on fireworks that torment pets and wildlife, often causing them to run away and be injured. Couldn’t you do better for the world by donating this money to charities?
  • Rotten tomatoes to the mayor and all his bylaw officers that during Halloween they handed out four tickets. If these bylaw officers worked nights they could have handed out thousands of tickets.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the businesses that have closed their washrooms when hand-washing is the most effective way to clean your hands to protect yourself against COVID-19.
  • Roses to my teenaged children for being the best kids parents could ask for!
  • A truck full of red roses to Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone. This has allowed me to still hear the voices of many friends and relatives who I have not been able to see for almost nine months.

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