Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Nov. 6, 2014)

Here’s what our readers in Surrey, White Rock and North Delta are griping about this week – and who they’re thanking.


  • We’ve lived in Surrey for more than 30 years and few improvements were made over the years. Only in the last eight years have we noticed several improvements. Many ignored roads have been repaved and upgraded, and medians with trees or greenery beautify the main routes. Proper bike lanes are now present on busy routes, plus more controlled intersections, policing, etc. Thanks to you, Mayor Dianne Watts, for making Surrey a city we can be proud to call home!

  • A big bouquet of roses to the flag woman on King George. As I was driving by Superstore last Thursday, I saw this person escort an elderly and apparently frail man from one side of the street to the other. How kind and thoughtful of you.

  • Roses to the person who turned in my bank card that I had left in the ATM while it was prompting for another transaction on my account, at Envision financial at 64th and Scott Road in North Delta. Your honesty has saved this busy mom a lot of grief, and has reinforced what a great neighbourhood I live in.

  • A truckload of roses to my friend Jeevan L. for coming to my aid and mowing my lawn when I was feeling under the weather. Thanks for the help, Jeevan!

  • Roses to people who spend so much time decorating their homes for Halloween and also collect money for charities. You’re giving kids a thrill and also helping the community. Thanks.

  • Roses to Peninsula Productions for offering veterans a free viewing of their World War One-era play Mary’s Wedding on Remembrance Day. How wonderful to have local theatre support our Canadian troops, and vice versa.

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  • Rotten tomatoes to myself for ruining Halloween 24 years ago for a sweet little girl in the Fleetwood area who had just finished trick-or-treating and was headed inside when I jumped out of my friend’s red Volkswagon and, without heart but full of evil, ripped her bag of candy from her then taunted her dad as he chased me trying to get retribution for his heartbroken daughter. I have been haunted by this act of wickedness and have had a tough life, and deservedly so. If you read this, I hope you will forgive me and I hope you got over the emotional trauma of losing that bag of candy that meant the world to you. Red roses to you and your dad, no matter what.

  • A sack full of rotten tomatoes to all those greedy, unbelievably crass people who go out on Halloween without a costume and knock on doors to "trick or treat." These are teenagers all the way to old adults. You shmucks, buy your own candy.

  • A semi-trailer load of rotten tomatoes to the people who decided to light off fireworks at 11 p.m. in the vicinity of 98th Avenue and 116th Street on Halloween night. You are a huge reason why many municipalities are banning the use of fireworks. Your lack of consideration is appalling. This is a quiet residential neighbourhood. Thanks for waking up our four-month-old baby.

  • Hey you, in the grey minivan. Reno going well? Bet you saved a bundle doing it yourself. Bet you saved even more money avoiding a tipping fee by dumping your countertop with two sinks at the bus stop on River Road. Not sure who you think is going to pay for hauling away the kind of mess people like you leave on the streets in Delta and Surrey. How about next time you drive 10 minutes down the road to the landfill and do the right thing? All taxpayers will thank you.

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