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Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Oct. 12, 2018)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • Roses to all the poor folks suffering from illiteracy. I had no idea there were so very many of you until I moved here. Huge numbers of you ignore ‘Stop’ signs entirely (just four simple letters!), you consistently drive (and walk) in clearly-marked exits and out entrances, and park where you are not entitled to do so. There are only two explanations for such behavior – illiteracy or willful disobedience due to a sorely misplaced superiority complex. Canadians are certainly not known for the latter and in my fervent hope that is not a lie, I am left with illiteracy. So very sad. And such a simple fix.
  • Rotten tomatoes to people who don’t return their shopping carts. It is the height of laziness. Most grocery stores took the charge off so that it is easier for us. If this keeps up, they might put the charge back on.
  • Roses to those who offer assistance to others, any time, in any fashion. I was helped by two patrons, one in particular, in a drug store in South Surrey. The helpful person who helped me choose a make up colour went on to Google its ingredients to ensure that it was not rated poorly. It was so very helpful of her and greatly appreciated! As well, thank you to those who nod or say thank you when a nicety is put forth. I always am aware of holding a door open, for anyone. Most often there is no recognition at all. People just walk through without consideration of an act of kindness. Let it be known please, I do not do it for recognition but it makes it so very worthwhile when there is at the least, a smile or nod of thanks.
  • A shopping bag full of rotten tomatoes to some retail shoppers who come into my “ma and pop” store and asked for a deal. Would you go to a gas station and ask for a deal? Would you go to Save-On Foods and ask the cashier for a deal? Would you go to Walmart and ask for a deal? Please stop asking us small retail stores for a deal. The price is marked accordingly.
  • A bushel of rotten tomatoes to the lady driving through the intersection of Fraser Highway and 160th. When the green arrow disappears, that means pedestrians have the right of way. I got the walk signal and started to cross but luckily I noticed you were going to barrel through the intersection to turn onto the highway, oblivious to my safety. What if I were vision impaired or were a young person unable to accurately gauge your speed? Several pedestrians were hit in Surrey last week. Let’s all drive more carefully, please. And all pedestrians be wary. You may have the right of way but that’s not always honoured.
  • A dump truck full of rotten tomatoes to the grumpy man in the four-door grey car who took my parking spot outside the Shoppers Drug Mart at Highway 10 and 152nd Street on Oct. 1. I had my car signal on to go into the spot where a car was reversing out and I was patiently waiting. You came into the driving lane afterwards, did not signal and took the spot. On top of it, you swore at me and boasted that I don’t get the spot. Really? Learn some driving manners and kindness.
  • Rotten tomatoes to certain politicians for shoving that ridiculous light rail fantasy down our throats. Over half the people in this town don’t want light rail and I can’t say I blame them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just extend the SkyTrain line from King George into Langley City? Shame on you for not listening to your constituents. Not to worry, I’m voting you out of office in the next election. Good luck and good riddance.
  • I noticed in a September edition, a comment under the Roses and Rotten Tomatoes section stating”rotten tomatoes to Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner and the Mayors Council for their LRT that nobody wants.” I feel that people should not try to speak for others. They are certainly not speaking for me, not everyone is against LRT. Quite honestly I don’t know what all the fuss is about installing an LRT system. Surrey is a fast growing community and we need to improve how people get around. The SkyTrain has to have transit police because of some of the crimes around the stations and then there is the pay parking! In Europe and many other countries they use LRT systems on the streets and they work just fine. Having the new system will raise the property values and make easier accessibility for people who don’t have cars!
  • Rotten tomatoes when the staff at the City of Surrey do not get back to you when they said they would. I phoned after taking glass jars to two recycling places. The one said, “Surrey does not pay me enough I am not taking glass.” The other place said no. Surrey staff did not know where I was to take the glass. She said she would phone me back – two months ago.
  • Rotten tomatoes to a certain mall in Surrey. How many and how long do your escalators have to be broken before they are fixed? As a person who has a disability, I feel I can’t go to the mall because I am totally exhausted looking for an escalator that works! Three in the mall area and two in The Bay have been broken for at least four to five weeks! Just fix them!
  • Roses to the elementary students who help clean up the park. It makes me happy to hear what the youth is doing to change something!
  • Rotten tomatoes to the man who creepily drove by my kids, smiling and slowing down. Thank God my kids came running inside.
  • Rotten tomatoes to all you people with modified exhaust systems to make as much noise as you can. Ever since AirCare has gone away, it has been open season for idiots. It is funny that the cops can’t seem to catch any of you guys but I hear those cars every day on 96th Avenue going toward Scott Road. Rotten tomatoes to the cops in Surrey they are doing a lousy job. Who is in charge of illegal dumping in Surrey anyhow? Nobody is ever charged that I know of. We need our own city cops.
  • Roses to the seniors in the last newspaper who actually complemented the youth. It is so great to not hear about the non-valid complaints some people have!
  • Rotten tomatoes to the young woman who sideswiped a truck in Cloverdale before hitting the gas in an effort to escape the scene. You are lucky to be alive after driving straight into the tree in front of our place. You had carseats in the back and said you had just dropped off your kids at their dad’s place. When you tried to fake your breathalyzer test before being taken away in handcuffs, you said it wasn’t your first time. Maybe the only way some people learn is by killing someone – or themselves. Disgusting.

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