Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to

Do you have someone you would like to thank? Or maybe something to get off your chest? Email your rose or rotten tomato to


Roses & Rotten Tomatoes (April 21, 2022)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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• Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey for allowing our roads to fall into disrepair. In Fraser Heights, 104 Avenue is peppered with potholes.

• Just a huge thank you and a truckload of roses to the city workers who ground down roots from an over-zealous tree in my front yard. They were so polite and promised to come back and reseed the area. They did so and it looks so good. You guys are great, and I really appreciate your hard work!

• Rotten tomatoes to Mayor Doug McCallum for ordering people not to clap in council chambers. Oh please, what century are you living in? If I come to speak at council meetings and my stomach is not well, will you chastise me if I need to pass some gas? Not to worry, six more months until you’re completely gone for good.

• I am appalled at the green space taken up in Whalley. We have rabbits and birds we watch out for. Where are they going to live? The tenants in those huge, massive high-rises, built supposedly for convenience to transit, do not take transit, they drive their cars! What a waste of the environment.

• Rotten tomatoes to City of Surrey. We are paying two police forces and one of them can’t even dispatch their officers to calls. Council, don’t forget whose money is paying all these salaries. The taxpayers!

• A house full of beefsteak tomatoes to the homeowner and the City of Surrey bylaws that have permitted a “half-way house” in a residential neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has been subject to foul language, loud music, screaming, theft of possessions, people laying on the road, cars, taxis, bicycles, trucks, grocery carts coming and going all hours of the day and night for three years. Now, we have shots fired the second time. No one is listening to our concerns. What will be next?

• Big hugs and a beautiful bouquet of roses to the lovely, kind anonymous man who treated my friend and I to a free lunch at the Fort Langley Pub! It was certainly a much appreciated surprise! Thank you!

• Roses to Assinis Greek Restaurant. How nice to have a Greek restaurant nearby in the neighborhood. The food is tasty and the service is great. Thank you for staying in business!

• Rotten tomatoes to people who tailgate in traffic. Relax, the speed limit is what it is, and with cars jamming every lane on Highway 10, you’re not getting anywhere faster, buddy. While I’m here, rotten tomatoes to drivers who run red lights. Slow down and quit rushing through intersections.

• Truckload of roses to two security guards outside of Popeye’s supplement store Friday morning who came to my aid when I fell off the sidewalk. I couldn’t have gotten up by myself as I recently had surgery. They helped me up and made sure I was OK. Thank you for decent men.

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