Seniors need help with new garbage bins

Surrey – The Editor, I was pleased at the introduction of a new and more efficient garbage collection system in Surrey. I was even more pleased when instructed to keep my old garbage cans with the garden waste stickers and simply put them out beside the green lidded bin – no limit! On many collection days over the past year, all six of my extra bins went out.

I watched drivers step out of their cabs and tip the contents of my extra bins into the green bin – and pick them up mechanically – a good system.

Today, I had one extra can out and the driver took some time to climb down and, after emptying my extra bin, he put a hanging tag onto the green bin, with part circled – the part designated for those who put out an extra can. It appears reloading the green bin can be messy, and reloading may injure the driver – a second cart would take up less space, and I guess not delay that driver, or make him get out of the cozy cab on a cold or wet day? I am female, and 75. It is impossible for me to get that green bin into my back yard so all garden waste is carried in a smaller bin and tipped into the green one on the driveway until it is full. The taller garbage cans with wheels used before the new system are difficult to move, but I struggle and can drag them to the curbside. I’m doing my best and that mention of unlimited cans back when we started still sticks in my mind and I’d like to remind the drivers. Please meet some of us seniors halfway and pretend you are working out when you lift those extra bins!

Sheila Gair